TAKU Cast Iron Teapot Benefits

cast_iron_teapot_TAKU_Cookware_BenefitsSupplements the iron in human bodies and improves health

Without non-stick coatings inside, a cast iron teapot will slowly release Fe2+ when boiling water, which human bodies absorb easily, while the iron in normal food is Fe3+, which can only be transformed to Fe2+ with an enzyme, then to be absorbed by the intestine. In the Long Life Village in Japan, people continue to use iron kitchenware which is thought to contribute to the long life span of the centenarians by decreasing iron deficiency and anemia.

Tea with smoother taste

Cast iron is not only sturdy but also holds heat well and distributes that heat evenly. There is not a temperature difference in different areas of the teapot, so water is heated evenly. In addition, released ferrous ions will help separate out chlorine and pollutants in the water. Water will become pure and refreshing and tea will taste smoother and delicious.

The inner surface of TAKU cast iron teapots is treated to become a blue grey surface which easily releases Fe2+. Tested by precision instruments of the Kuen-ting Entech Company, it is proven that carcinogenic chloroform will be eliminated after tap-water is boiled with TAKU cast iron teapots, and plenty of ferrous ions will be released. Since 65% of the ferrous ions will form hemoglobin, which transports oxygen throughout the body, the water not only tastes better but facilitates blood circulation and improves overall physical well being.


Boomerang_Wok_TakuCookware_benefitsTAKU Cast Iron Cookware Benefits

  • Made of natural, pure cast iron. The inside layer is seasoned with cooking oil. The outer layer is painted with raw lacquer, not artificial coatings.
  • No heavy metals. SGS International Certification for NO Heavy Metals.
  • Many cooking surfaces. Cast iron pots and pans can be used on charcoal fires, gas stoves, induction cookers, electric coil cookers and an induction heating cookers.
  • Non-stick. Heat the pot or pan first, and you can get a non-stick effect when cooking.
  • Energy efficient cooking. With fast and even thermal conductivity, the heat transfers to the food, stays inside, saves energy and cooks delicious food efficiently.
  • Cooks frozen food. It can cook frozen food directly without defrosting beforehand.
  • Releases iron. It can release ferric iron to supply the iron which the human body needs.
  • Uses less oil and water. Helps release the true flavor of the ingredients.
  • Cast iron lids. Cooks food without water if covered with a cast iron lid.
  • Years of use. Follow the maintenance procedure correctly and the durable years of the cookware can be prolonged.