TAKU Ironware originated from a husband’s love for his wife.

Because of a doctor’s advice to Mrs. Lin to cook with and enjoy the health benefits of cast iron cookware, the founder, Dr. Solas Y.J. Lin, started to study cast ironware. He could not find quality, well-made cast iron teapots and cookware anywhere; as a result, he devoted himself to “TAKU Ironware” with the goal of “making extremely clean and reliable cookware.” This original intention gave life to TAKU Ironware.


Dr. Solas and cast iron teapot大古鐵器,

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With unique, proprietary technologies, we check on each and every detail of our cast iron cookware during the entire production process. Blending strict quality control with the far-eastern sense of aesthetics and attention to detail, the outcome not only results in beautiful ironware but pure ironware as well. For a much healthier diet, and the unexpected gift of great taste, we have created TAKU Ironware.

Beginning with the pursuit of healthy cooking, and ending up with beautiful, pure, cookware is quite the accomplishment. The pursuit of great taste and healthy lifestyles is the reason TAKU Ironware exists today, and continues to create and strengthen relationships among people.


Taku Ironware is made by artists in Taiwan


TAKU Ironware is Beautiful

Design inspired by Taiwanese culture, combining Taiwanese art and handicraft artistry.

Our goal is to design products that show our cultural characteristics. The design theme showcases folk cultures and we strive to work with local artists. For example, the handles of TAKU Iron Teapots are designed by a well-known artist in Zhushan, Ms. Chiu, Chin-Tuan, who is famous for her bamboo and rattan woven handicrafts. The texture feels warm and smooth, and it shows the unique beauty of Taiwanese art.