TAKU's Vision is to share our belief that love starts from within. To love ourselves, we need to start by taking good care of our bodies and eating a healthy diet.


Diet is the foundation of maintaining health as well as life. Delicious, well prepared food arouses our feelings of happiness and well being. Using cast iron teapots and cookware to boil water and cook food brings not only good health, but great taste too!!

During a busy day, take a break and make yourselves a good pot of tea, taste the life, regain the tranquility of heart and then set out again. By drinking tea and sharing food, TAKU ironware also helps to build happy realtionships with family and friends.

We believe that only when our body, mind and spirit are well balanced, can we attain true happiness.

Knowing that you are looking for a healthy and happy life, we present the purest cast ironware to you and wish that we can share a healthy, happy relationship with you.